Saturday, April 26, 2014

Momo’s Café in Old Downtown Vallejo

A friend of mine recommended Momo’s on Georgia in Old Downtown Vallejo one Saturday and it was an excellent recommendation. This place is small and you may have to wait for seating but no let that deter you from coming in for a hearty meal because it will be worth the wait. I’ve only eaten there a few times, but each time did not disappoint. Servings are large…I mean LARGE so if you have a big appetite, you will have come to the right place to satisfy your hunger.

Yelp has Momo’s with 4 stars and I agree. The food is tasty and plentiful. All the dishes I’ve tried were excellent and based on what my friends and family have said when we went there each and every time, their food was delicious as well. The breakfast meals I had felt like good ole home cooking. Pancakes and waffles were tasty. Bacon strips and sausages were great. As were the lunch dishes.

One in your party should order the steak fries. The steak fries are served in a baking pan and enough for 4 people. That’s for one order. It's topped with steak, sour cream, gualcamole, cheese, etc. This is NOT a side order. 

When you’re in town or live nearby in Benicia or American Canyon, Fairfield or even Concord, visit Downtown Vallejo and when you’re hungry give Momo’s a try.

If you come on a Saturday morning you can pick up some produce at the farmer’s market before you enjoy some bountiful homestyle food at Momo’s for brunch.

Momo's Vallejo - Steak Fries - Steak Burrito - Mmmm!
Momo's Vallejo - Steak Fries - Steak Burrito - Mmmm!

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