John's Bio

John Gamboa is from the San Francisco Bay Area. He's a happily married father of five wonderful children and has been married to his lovely wife for over 20 years. He works in and around the San Francisco Bay Area as an IT Systems Engineer for an IT consulting firm.

His interests include spending quality time with his wife and children which many times involves grabbing a bite to eat. Here on John Gamboa's blog, he'll write about different places they've eating or where he's eaten and the good foods they tried and experience. He and his wife are big dessert eaters and many times that it their deciding factor when choosing a place to eat so you'll see some posts about desserts.

John's other interests include reading, golf, basketball, and buying houses. He is always looking for houses to buy in and around Napa County and Solano County. He is always looking for houses to buy in Vallejo, Fairfield, Vacaville, Cordelia, Suisun, Benicia, American Canyon, the Napa Valley, and sometimes in Sacramento, and Stockton.

Some of his favorite TV shows are Psych, Person Of Interest, Criminal Minds, Arrested Development and Scorpion